excellent PURE

Excellent Pure - with powerful anti-oxidant.Excellent Pure – with powerful anti-oxidant. A dietary supplement combining coral calcium with hydrogen. (Capsule form)
Price: US$165

Excellent Pure is a powerful antioxidant product that contains coral calcium powder infused with hydrogen ions. Using the purest coral calcium powder from Okinawa, the powder and hydrogen gas is placed into a furnace at extremely high temperatures and pressures.  Under this high heat process, plasma hydrogen is formed and is absorbed by the coral calcium powder. The pressure and temperature are adjusted very carefully to produce Excellent Pure.

This calcium-based product acts as a reservoir for the hydrogen ions and releases them gradually over time after being exposed to water.  Compared to ionized water, coral calcium is able to store a much larger quantity of hydrogen ions in a given volume.  Excellent Pure delivers hydrogen ions in a concentrated and gradual-release form, allowing easy transport while traveling, and eliminating the need for bulky machines to produce ionized Hydrogen water.

Hydrogen ions are released when the coral calcium powder is dissolved in the fluids of our body at a slow and stable rate.  4 capsules of Excellent Pure will supply you with enough Hydrogen ions for each day.

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