About Us

H&H Wellness LLC (formerly known as Excellent Partners USA, LLC) Inc started in Honolulu Hawaii in April 2010.  The founders created a company based on the values of integrity, confidence, and sustainability.  Started simply with one single innovative Hydrogen dietary supplement product of premium quality, we have since branched out to include a range of Hydrogen skincare and personal care product lines.  Along with our dedicated Independent Producers who believe in our products and their commitment to share the benefits of the products and the business opportunities to many others, we have improved the quality of lives of many customers and members.

Every day, scientific advances are being made to help us live better longer. We are committed to continue developing products in both nutritional and dermatology sciences for our members, their family and friends.

We are focused in our international expansion strategy, and believe in achieving so through the assistance and support of IPs. Besides our USA headquarters in Honolulu, we now have offices in Japan (Tokyo), Taiwan (Taipei), Hong Kong, and South Korea (Seoul).