Dr. Mareo Naito MD. Ph.D.

Chief of Staff of Blue Clinic Aoyama
Professor & Physician, Internal Medicine at Saitama Medical University

Born in Miyagi, Japan in 1961. 
Graduated from Keio University Medical School in March, 1985.
Specialist in internal medicine certified by the Japan Internal Medicine Society.
Specialist in nephrology certified by the Japan Nephrology Society.
Specialist in dialysis certified by the Japan Dialysis Society.
An aroma coordinator certified by the Japan Aroma Coordinator Association.
In 1995 began medical research at the University of Melbourne, School of Medicine, Australia.

Since 1998, Chief of Internal Medicine at Sanno Public Welfare and General Hospital, Japan.
After his daughter’s problems with atopic dermatitis in 1999, he began studying Chinese Medicine, eventually opening the Department of Chinese Medicine in 2001. In 2005, Dr Naito received his license to practice Chinese Medicine from the Japan Oriental Medicine Society.
Dr Naito was introduced to the minus hydrogen ion supplement in October 2006. Having observed the many positive experiences with minus hydrogen among friends and acquaintances, he became convinced of the potential power of hydrogen in medicine. Through his active clinical experiences he has rapidly become the leading expert in the use of minus hydrogen ions for treatment and preventative care. Since October 2010, combining his years of experience, he has been utilizing an integrative medicine approach using medicine, nutrition, enzyme, and Hydrogen supplement to treat his patients at Blue Clinic Aoyama.

Dr. Naito is also the Co-Author of Possibilities of Hydrogen: The Possibilities of Hydrogen:
From the basics of hydrogen to medical applications with Dr. Taneaki Oikawa (published in 2008) and Power of Hydrogen, Power of Enzyme – the Ultimate Nutrient to Help the Human Race (published in 2011)

Dr. Kokichi Hanaoka, PH.D.

Currently the President of Bio-REDOX Laboratory

Born in Miyagi, Japan in 1961. 

1992 – PH.D. in Chemical Engineering, Shinshu University

1994 – Lecturer, Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Sciences

1999 – Visiting Professor, Texas University School of Medicine, Health Science Center.

2002 – Professor, Hosei University Graduate School
He specializes in physical chemistry, electrochemistry, and chemical membranes / film

MIKUNI Company Science and Technical Advisor OSHIZAKI Electrical Machinery Technical Advisor Innovative Design & Technology USA Inc. Technical Advisor
He has been involved in the academic and technical development of products for various companies

Dr. Taneaki Oikawa PH.D.

Founder and President of The Institute for Creative Biotechnology, Inc.

Born in Miyagi, Japan in 1941.
Graduated with a PhD in Science from Nagoya University Graduate School. He is an expert in generative immunology. He previously held positions including : 
– Temporary Associate Researcher at Hawaii University.
– Associate Professor at Yamagata University, Japan.
– Representative Director of the Institute of Functional Peptide, Inc.
Dr. Oikawa has had numerous publications, most notably in Nature Magazine, 1973 and Newton, 1986. In 1995 Dr. Oikawa’s wife died from cancer. Her passing prompted him to research further into treatment of cancer and the study and development of reduction water / Hydrogen related products. As a result, he successfully invented a method to capture Hydrogen in a solid form.

Dr. Oikawa was also the first chairman of the Society of Reproductive Immunology Conference.
Chairman of the 21st Annual Meeting of the Japan Society of Developmental Biologist
Chairman of the 45th Japan Tissue Culture Association Meeting
Since 2002 one of the Supervising Directors of the Japan Society of Immunology of Reproduction.